Antique Silk Kashmir Mughal Shawl 49092


Size: 1 ft 4 in x 3 ft (0.41 m x 0.91 m)
Origin: India Rugs

A Happy And Beautiful Antique Kashmir Mughal Silk Shawl 49092, Country Woven In: India, Date Created: This Textile Was Woven Around The Mid 18th Century – This beautiful antique Mughal shawl is powerful in its color choices and patterning presence. Through the use of the vibrant yellow background, the sunny colors in this happy antique Mughal piece inspire feelings of warmth and happiness, acting as the perfect backdrop to the floral motifs at the center. The bright yellow background, of this beautiful antique textile, casts the flowers at the forefront in an almost natural glow, as if the viewer were about to come across the flowers in the natural world. These perennials are arranged close to each other, a repeating series of rows and columns that are soothing and graceful in their presentation.

While the main buyers of early antique Shawls tend to be textile collectors, we are seeing more and more private consumers and interior decorators showing interest in these magnificent textile art pieces. Many of the people who buy the early shawls tend to use them as decorative covers for furniture such as a bedspread, table cover or even draped over a sofa or couch to add a splash o color and sophistication.

Others who acquire these textile will have them prepped then use them as wall hanging tapestries. After all, they are breathtaking to look at, enhance their surroundings and they are truly magnificent antique works of art that are far more affordably priced than almost any good painting and artwork example of the same period. But all that aside, this spectacular example, from the famed Mughal period, will be a wonderful addition to almost any home and will compliment a wide range of home decorating styles and approaches. It is a kind of piece that people will be drawn to and appreciate, even if they are not great artistic mavens.

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