Antique Indian Art Nouveau Shawl 48618

Size: 5 ft 5 in x 6 ft 4 in (1.65 m x 1.93 m)
Origin: India Rugs

A Truly Magnificent Antique Indian Art Nouveau Design Shawl, This Antique Shawl Was Woven In: India, This Shawl Shawl Woven Around The Year: 1860  – This antique shawl from the mid 19th century is beautiful and detailed, with countless points of interest designed to captivate the viewer’s attention. It is designed with a delicate sapphire background that supports the foreground, resulting in an almost liquid effect that is very much Art Nouveau in style. Countless details that remind the viewer of fine stained glass are laid out in scarlet and berry reds, complemented by marigolds and daffodils. Spiraling spires wind from the center of each section, almost meeting in the middle to draw the eye to the delicate leaf-like designs within. this antique Indian Art Nouveau shawl allows the viewer can move on to the other floral figures at their own pace.

The free flowing design creates a feeling of movement that is quite captivating. The use of light blue for the open negative space in the center tie in to the secondary colors with the shawl’s design. This wonderfully artistic tension is amazingly classy and draws the viewer in as your gaze travels along the Shawl towards its luminous center.

This is one truly remarkable antique art nouveau design Indian shawl. It exudes high end luxury through its unusually fine quality and breathtaking use of colors. Of course it could still be used as a magnificent wrap and fashion statement for a night out on the town. That said, since they are such magnificent example of textile art, many people are opting to use them as wonderful artistic wall hanging tapestries to be admired by all who are fortunate enough to cross paths with it.

But regardless of how you use it, this antique Indian shawl deserves all the love and attention it gets.

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