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Irish Rugs – The Arts and Crafts Movement grew out of the design revolution spawned by English artists like William Morris and Christopher Dresser, eventually encompassing not only textiles, area carpets, and wallpapers, but also furniture and furnishings of all kinds.

In Ireland and Scotland, this movement gradually came to focus on native Celtic traditions from the Middle Ages, and eventually elements from the Art Nouveau movement in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Irish Arts and Crafts carpets tended to exhibit a fascinating blend of Oriental as well as Irish Celtic rug designs. The Donegal type included Art Nouveau elements as well.

The Beauty of Irish Celtic Rugs

Celtic Irish Rugs – Few locations conjure images of magic and mystery like Stonehenge. It rises from the mists in Wiltshire, England to inspire mystical riddles. Some believe that the site was sacred to the ancient druids. Others assert that the curious circle of standing stones is an ancient monument for marking pagan holidays. All agree that the location of Stonehenge has become an iconic representation of Celtic mythology.

Stonehenge by Nazmiyal

Stonehenge – Iconic Location Of Celtic Mythology

Regardless of one’s spiritual beliefs, the beauty of Celtic artwork cannot be disputed. Art and Irish rugs boast Celtic symbols like the Triquetra convey both beauty and mysticism. The interesting spirals and loops of Celtic art are reflective of a belief in the circular nature of life. The Celtic knots, crosses, and Leprechaun (green man figures) are all possessed of meaning that goes beyond mere aesthetics, but they can also be appreciated as elegant works of art in a non spiritual context.

Interlaced Celtic Triquetra Symbol by Nazmiyal

Interlaced Celtic Triquetra Symbol

Beautiful handmade Celtic design rugs are still crafted today by some of the finest artisans in Ireland and Scotland. But there are also manufacturers located in the USA that incorporate the beauty of the different design motifs that we usually see in Celtic rugs. Some handmade rugs are made from the finest wool and are a blend of both luxury as well as meaning.

Celtic knot Design by nazmiyal Rugs

Celtic knot Design

The designs found on a Celtic area rug can be very diverse. The colors tend to be vibrant and reflective of nature’s beauty. Irish rugs may combine lush greens with the gold of autumn leaves. They may be as dark blue as the night sky with lighter accents that mimic the light of the moon and stars. The patterns will usually lean upon the Celtic knot or other interlinking elements.

Central Rug Medallion With Celtic Knot Design by Nazmiyal

Central Rug Medallion With Celtic Knot Design

You cannot bring Stonehenge to your home, but you can have a beautiful Celtic rug. The presence of such an area rug in your living space adds mystical flair. There is something calming about these ancient patterns and colors which will help you to create a happy environment.

Celtic Rugs by George Bain by Nazmiyal

Celtic Rug by George Bain

This rug blog about the beauty of Irish Celtic rugs was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in New York City.

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