Antique 18th Century Flemish Tapestry Titled Pastoral 47384

Size: 10 ft 3 in x 7 ft (3.12 m x 2.13 m)
Style: Tapestry

Combining romanticism, classicism and baroque artistry, this spectacular antique Flemish tapestry rug is a quintessential example of this highly evolved art form that flourished in Dutch-influenced Flanders throughout the 18th century. Prominent foreground features and innumerable background details are woven into this spectacular creation and rendered in the lush, painterly style synonymous with tapestries of the era. The magical garden is alive with plant and animal life captured under a veil of childlike innocence. Carefree cherubs play a romping game of jump rope within a pastoral garden shaded by dense trees. Dimensional statues, verdant plants and a colorful parrot bring the otherworldly scene to life. This idyllic paradise is accompanied by an Oz-like lion fountain, Romanesque arches and softly colored landscape features that give the creation life-like perspective with an artful painterly touch.

Breathtaking Antique 18th Century Flemish Tapestry Titled Pastoral, Country of Origin: Belgium, Circa Date: 18th Century – The 15th through 18th centuries were important for Flemish / Belgium artists. During this time, they developed a distinctive style that dominated painting and that was often mimicked by other artists around the world. This antique tapestry titled “Pastoral” is an excellent example of an 18th century Flemish art.

The Flemish painters were famous for their use of light, subdued backgrounds as well as their artistic ability to mimic complex material surfaces. Many of these complex surfaces, such as cloth drapings or concrete, can be seen in their magnificent tapestries. They were meant to create depth and realistic scenes that evoke a feeling of abundance and peace, as is obviously the case with this breathtaking tapestry.

This antique 18th century Flemish tapestry shows a high level of artistic development in its use of light, proportion, and detail. It mimics the iconic Flemish antique paintings and is reflective of the advances made by Dutch Masters of the Renaissance. However, this attention to artistry and detail continued to develop, giving the work a realistic quality, even though it is a mythological subject matter.

This delightful antique 18th century Flemish tapestry titled Pastoral features a group of happy frolicking cupids / cherubs. These innocent and at times mischievous cupids are playing a game of jump rope in a grand, formal garden delighting in a beautiful day. It is a beautiful wall hanging tapestry that will be a joy to own for any collection and demonstrates many of the characteristics associated with Flemish painting from this time. It would make an excellent addition to any home, office, or as a museum quality collectible piece. This breathtaking antique 18th century Flemish Tapestry titled “Pastoral” is a true work of antique textile art and shows the skill that characterized Flemish art work and tapestry of that time.

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