Large Square Vintage Scandinavian Verner Panton “Mira Spectrum” Textile 47831


Size: 7 ft 9 in x 7 ft 9 in (2.36 m x 2.36 m)

Vintage Scandinavian Verner Panton “Mira Spectrum” Textile, Country Of Origin: Scandinavia, Circa Date: Mid 20th CenturyVerner Panton was a Danish designer who defined an era. He is famous for his innovative and unusual design ideas. A student of the Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen, Panton would soon find his pieces among the ranks of such Mid century modern icons as Ray Eames and Piet Mondrian. Just as Eames design defined the 1950s, Panton defined the 1960s era. This decade in design is known as the Panton Era.

The masterful use of color and line is a hallmark of Panton’s work. He often designed entire sets to create an “experience” inside of the space. The sets would include the furniture, lighting, and fabrics to complete the look. One of the characteristics of Panton’s work is that it often appears to have motion, creating an optical illusion. This piece is part of a series that was created in 1970 called “Mira Spectrum.” The “Mira” series uses color and form to create a waveform with a three-dimensional appearance.

This fabric is an essential for the Midcentury modern collector or to create a retro-inspired space. If you have a few pieces of Panton’s furniture, this fabric would be the perfect accessory to give the space an authentic “Panton” experience. This piece is ultra-modern and contemporary, and it gives the room a distinctive retro feel. It is a dramatic textile that can carry the design of the room without a need to over-accessorize with other pieces. This makes it excellent for a minimalist space where the focus is on each individual piece within the space. In an all-white room, this fabric adds a pop of color that will form a definitive focal point in the room.

Panton’s pieces were designed to draw attention and to stand out within the space. A Panton exhibition was an immersive experience of color and form. This piece allows you to experience a little bit of this feeling in your own interior space. It is a substantial piece of fabric that allows for many possibilities. Finding a piece of Panton textile this large is rare, and there is enough available to create a dramatic floor to ceiling wall hanging in a public space.

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