Abstract Colorful Modern Transitional Rug 61029

Size: 9 ft x 12 ft (2.74 m x 3.66 m)

Abstract Colorful Modern Transitional Rug, Country of Origin: Pakistan, Circa date: Modern – This gorgeous, colorful abstract rug is an essential transitional piece for a room that highlights your favorite style or a few of your them. Its colors include neutrals, reds, and midnight in saturated tones. The design adds motion and movement to the modern rug, giving it an urban modern design feel. This transitional design rug is modern artwork that is created for your floor.

When many think of transitional looking area rugs, they picture neutral colors and simple designs. This Pakistani rug breaks tradition with its design that brings motion and vibrancy to the room. The artist combined vibrant colors and a design that gives you the feeling of motion, creating a perfect rug for modern interior design spaces.

This highly artistic rug would make a perfect addition to a conversation area, bedroom, or open-plan office space. You could easily combine styles that include Midcentury modern and ultra-modern. You could also use it to create styles that include Asian décor and contemporary. This transitional rug makes a visual impact that will immediately brighten the space.

The brilliant colors of this modern rug give it a modern look, but it also creates an organic feel. It mimics the patterns found on animal hides or the surface of a gently bubbling stream. This would be a gorgeous piece for the foundation of a dining room with a glass table and elegant touches throughout the space. This rug is versatile enough to fit into a room of time-honored classics, Midcentury modern treasures, or your favorite Boho Chic pieces.

This modern roughly 9 x 12 size area rug is an imaginative piece that will create a space that suits your unique design style. The saturated tones are perfect for those who cannot get enough color in their world. The minimalist might also find it to be the perfect match as a point of contrast in their otherwise neutral room design. The best feature of this transitional design area rug is its ability to spark imagination and add energy to the room.

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