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Modern 9’x12’ Sized Area Rugs

Interior design is a fun area of practice for anyone to get into. Balance is one important element of interior design. This element is achieved by placing objects of a certain size or shape in certain areas within the space. Objects have something called a visual weight, which is determined by their size, shape, color, and texture. When the visual weight of a finished room is balanced, the room is considered more attractive. Area rugs are often used to visually enhance a room by contributing to this balance and /or being a statement piece. 9’x12’ sized rugs are great for transforming the look and feel of a room. Consider them a large piece of art that happens to be on the floor instead of the wall.

9’x12’ Rugs Bring the Room Together

Area rugs are a great way to decorate a room, but they also function as a way to anchor furniture (or to be a guide for the placement of furniture). They also come in a wide variety of designs and sizes to fit the look of any room. Modern rugs are a favorite among people who like contemporary or geometric looks, and those who like unique graphic designs. When placed in rooms with modern furnishings, they really pull everything together, especially if their colors match those found throughout the room.

9’x12’ Rugs and Your Room Proportions

9’x12’ rugs are about 108 sq feet, making them the right size for large rooms that need some extra decoration and warmth. Dens, dining rooms, family rooms, and other large rooms in homes often have rugs this size. They function as the decorative base of the room as well as a way to protect hardwood floors.

Rugs look better when they are proportional to the room and when there is a margin of space around the rug. Generally, leaving 18 inches of the floor around the area rug’s perimeter, if possible, has a positive effect on the look of the room. People like rugs this size because they can place their furniture all the way on it instead of just on the borders of it. There are multiple ways to arrange furniture on a 9’x12’ to achieve visual balance in the room while still allowing enough of the rug to be visible.

9'x12' Rugs Furniture Arrangement Nazmiyal

9’x12′ rugs are the perfect size for furniture arrangement.

Modern 9’x12′ Rugs To Show Your Personality

9’x12’ rugs make a statement about the home and the homeowner alike. People who appreciate design and culture are more likely to spend on this kind of rug. Large modern rugs are well liked by well to do people who own large homes and who value art in its many forms. They convey class and wealth. A person’s home always says something about them. What do you want your home to say about you?

All of the rugs listed are currently available in the size 9’x12’ even if they are shown in a different size. The price of the rug is based on the rug’s size, so to get the exact price and more information please contact us.

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