18th Century Antique Velvet Wall Hanging Dutch Textile 70854


Size: 6 ft 3 in x 8 ft 6 in (1.9 m x 2.59 m)

Breathtaking Antique Velvet Wall Hanging Dutch Textile, Country of Origin: Netherlands, Circa Date: 18th Century – This gorgeous Dutch textile from the 18th century is the perfect piece for a collector. These pieces were created for the nobility and wealthier class throughout the 19th century to complement Rococo and early Victorian furnishings. This one shows a classic Greek revival style that was popular at that time. It is a beautiful piece with a formal design that is perfect for a private collection.

Tapestries were used for both their beauty and served as a utilitarian function in uninsulated buildings. They were valued for their artistry and were displayed to show one’s status. The Dutch were responsible for the rise of tapestry production in the 17th century, but by the 18th century, they had stiff competition from France, Scandinavia, and Germany. The key to their survival was to recognize emerging style trends and to create pieces that were ahead of their time in the world of art.

The world of art continued to draw inspiration from early Greek and Roman art forms, as you can see from the style of the urns and floral arrangements. Dutch weavers already had a highly developed artistic style and often mimics popular painting styles of the time. Still life was a popular subject, and this one features a scene that one could easily find in a formal hall or room for gathering.

This is a gorgeous antique textile and an excellent addition to any collection. The work reflects a style that was trendsetting and influential in the world of art at the time. The level of details and craftsmanship shows a highly developed skill level that was only found in the formal looms of prominent art centers. Many of the works of the French Gobelin looms and German looms were copies of works created by the Dutch. This is a gorgeous piece that will make a fine addition to any collection.

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