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12 x 15 area rugs tend to mostly be considered oversized rugs. This is due to the fact that for most people, it will not likely be too big to fit in their apartment unless they want it to have the look of wall to wall carpet. A rug of this size is made for a substantial space and will add an elegant touch within the right room. When you think of a rug of this size, you usually think of a large, Victorian mansion, Craftsman-style house or country farmhouse interior.

If you have a larger formal dining room, a 12′ x 15′ size is the perfect size rug for accommodating a dining room table that can be extended for gatherings of family and friends. You can easily fit all the chairs on the rug and give everyone plenty of room to move away from the table without creating the feeling of instability. A rug of this size will highlight the length of the room making it perfect for formal entertainment.

In an open-plan architectural space, the 12 foot by 15 foot size area rug can help set aside a functional area for dining, conversation, a bedroom, or a home office. The 12 by 15 rug size gives you many options for designing your open-plan space to suit your lifestyle. Anytime you have a room in your home that needs to serve a dual purpose, an oversized rug can give you plenty of space, yet it will still give the area to create a functional and organized feel.

Antique Turkish Oushak 12 x 15 Size Area Rug by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Antique Turkish Oushak 12 x 15 Size Area Rug

Traditionally, rugs are used in the living room as the foundation for a coffee table or to create texture and color in front of a sofa, but bigger rugs give you many more possibilities.

Interior designers recommend that for a cohesive look, at least two legs of your furniture should be on the rug. This allows you to use the rug as a central frame for the rest of the room design. Positioning the area rug in such a way also gives the illusion that the rug “disappears” behind your furniture, which can make the room look larger. This is also an effective technique to make your bedroom look roomier.

Nothing is better than stepping out of bed onto a soft, warm cozy rug on a cold day. A larger rug allows you to place the entire rug underneath the bed and still have room on both sides to create a cozy landing for your feet.

The 12 feet by 15 feet area rugs area also big enough to fit a set of nightstands on both sides of the bed. Placing a large rug with the bed centered on the rug can make the room look larger. If you want a more creative look, or your bed is on one side of the room due to a window, you can place the bed partially on the rug with a larger portion of the rug covering the remaining floor space. This technique will help to balance out the space in a room with a window that is off center.

If you have the space, a larger 12 x 15 area rug gives you many options for creating a balanced space and for unifying and tyg in your most favorite decorative pieces. A large rug can also cover any blemishes on a floor that has seen some wear through the ages.

A 12′ x 15′ size area allows you to create a space that is either cozy and intimate or one that has a more open feel.

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