Vintage Moroccan Rug 45731

Price: $3,800.00

| Size: 3 ft x 6 ft 6 in (0.91 m x 1.98 m)Print

Incorporating diverse influences, this graphic vintage Moroccan rug features a motley assortment of luxurious textures, geometric patterns and variegated details.

Moroccan Rug, Morocco, Mid 20th Century – This handsome vintage rug from Morocco features an enthralling selection of discrete motifs that are combined in a spirited pattern full of abstract details and charm. The eclectic composition showcases a focal point of boldly colored lozenges set over a series of plush monochromatic stripes. Checkered zigzag stripes create implied borders that ease the transition toward a motley series of vibrant checkers. The opposite end of the elongated field transitions to an intensely variegated lateral section rendered in a static combination of maize yellow paired with nuanced hues of midnight blue and purple. The finely variegated texture of the poly chromatic cross section transitions again to a lively series of speckled spangles incorporating a diverse selection of colors. The liberal patterns incorporate colorful checkers and auspicious lozenges along with monochromatic stripes and intensely variegated segments that have a unique visual texture.

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