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Vintage Garden of Paradise Tapestry 70062

Size: 7 ft 10 in x 5 ft 7 in (2.39 m x 1.7 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Tapestries

A Breathtakingly Happy and Innocent Vintage Garden Of Paradise Tapestry, County Of Origin: India, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century – This charming vintage garden paradise tapestry would make a cheerful addition to any room. It was produced in India around the 20th century. This vintage Tapestry from India features a flock of colorful birds peacefully going about their business on a beautiful day. Some of the birds are on the ground, while others are gazing from high among the branches in this garden paradise.

This interpretive design uses soft happy colors that give the vintage weaving a soothing and joyous feel. The birds and leaves on the plants and trees are portrayed in whimsical colors and in bright contrast. The piece was produced by stitching hand embroidery onto a plain ivory tapestry woven ground. Several different stitches and techniques were used to bring out the character of the piece.

This vintage Indian tapestry takes you into a fantasy world that exists only in the imagination of the creator. It is a true work of original art that will have a special place in your home. This breathtakingly happy and soothing vintage tapestry would pair well in a decor that uses a multitude of vibrant colors in its scheme.

This is a lovely vintage garden of Paradise design Tapestry that shows the skill and artistry of the maker. Reminiscent of the iconic Swedish Tapestries by the likes of Marta Maas Fjetterstrom, this vintage tapestry will make a beautiful statement piece that adds color to the decor and will make a conversation piece in any room. This tapestry is a versatile piece that could be used in a number of different design situations. One thing is for certain, this is one breathtaking example that is sure to spark the imagination for many years to come.

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