Vintage Soft Color Spanish Area Rug 46975


Size: 8 ft x 9 ft 3 in (2.44 m x 2.82 m)
Origin: Spain Rugs

Inspired by classical European designs, this vintage Spanish rug depicts an exquisite repeating pattern of intertwined latticework trellises that frame gold piñas.

Vintage Spanish Rug, Country of Origin: Spain, Circa Date: 2nd Quarter of the 20th Century – This majestic vintage Spanish rug features a superb repeating pattern with flourishing botanical decorations and baroque influences that are uniquely European. The lavish alabaster field is adorned with a fluid pattern of interwoven vine scroll trellises that have a monumental large-scale form. Arching acanthus leaves and flourishing tendrils meander around the field, defining latticework compartments and a series of golden-yellow chalices filled with handsome pineapples and decorative blossoms. The emphasis on European crewelwork designs shines through in the glamorous neoclassical decorations and the classically Spanish color palette, which favors clear, pure heraldic tones.

Understated main borders featuring reciprocating shrubs with pendulous pineapple-like fruits complement the sensuous acanthus leaves and the thematic designs featured within the field. The curvaceous lines and contours enhance the lavish curvilinear decorations and bring out the historic European textile patterns that are re-imagined in this stunning rug that was woven in Spain. It is in excellent condition, with good & soft pile throughout so it could take daily traffic and use with absolutely no problem.

Drawn in Europe’s own neoclassical style, this antique Spanish Savonnerie carpet features an exquisite composition rendered in clear heraldic influenced designs that give the lush patterns a localized flavor. In keeping with the Savonnerie style, this stunning piece features an elegant assortment of floral features and designs in various sizes.

Area rugs that boast such wonderful soft colorations, combined with plush and soft wool pile textures and elegant floral design patterns are a joy to decorate around. These captivating decorative rugs help to create very calming home interiors. That is why vintage rugs and antique rugs such as this one would make the perfect bedroom rugs or anyplace in the home that you would like to make a quiet and tranquil.

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