Small Size Light Soft Color Antique Spanish Scatter Size Rug 44008

Size: 4 ft 8 in x 7 ft 7 in (1.42 m x 2.31 m)
Origin: Spain Rugs

This luxurious, long-piled Spanish carpet reflects a tradition of purely European designs.

Exquisite Vintage Spanish Rug: Early 20th Century Elegance from Spain – Discover the charm of a truly exceptional antique rug – a Spanish masterpiece crafted during the early years of the twentieth century. This rug stands as a testament to the skilled artisans who dedicated their expertise to its creation, embodying a genuine sense of uniqueness. A truly remarkable piece, this Spanish rug possesses qualities highly coveted by collectors and experts, promising to bring beauty and sophistication to any discerning home.

Adorned with delicate pastels and featuring subtle continental vase motifs, this opulent, long-piled Spanish carpet reflects a tradition of exclusively European designs. The central panel of the carpet frames a captivating promenade of gently-colored vases and floral sprays, surrounded by a well-developed rococo border that pays homage to designs deeply rooted in French carpet-making traditions.

In essence, this rug stands as a remarkable work of art. The beautiful and intriguing design, coupled with a meticulously composed composition, elevates it beyond the realm of mere decoration, transforming it into a true masterpiece. The fusion of European-inspired motifs, delicate pastels, and the intricate rococo border crafts a captivating narrative, making this Spanish rug a timeless and enchanting addition to any home.

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