Vintage Green “Kreis” Verner Panton Textile 47729


Size: 3 ft 10 in x 3 ft 10 in (1.17 m x 1.17 m)

This vintage green textile from Danish furniture and interior designer, Verner Panton, is visually quite striking. This stunning, distinctive color is beyond compare.

Vintage Verner Panton Textile, Denmark, Mid 20th Century –This gorgeous piece in nature-inspired greens is an essential piece of midcentury textile art by Verner Panton. This is a piece from the Kreis “Spectrum” textile in green series. Verner Panton is considered an iconic pop-artist who is known for his psychedelic themes and abstract works. Panton worked with many different media, including plastics, print, rugs, and textiles. Bold, geometric patterns are prominent in Panton’s work.

This piece is part of a series that includes similar designs in various colors, including brown, black and white, gray, primary reds, oranges, and multiple colors. Each of the pieces features a single circle with a color gradient that radiates from the center, or multiple circles arranged in rows. As such, the pieces serve as a study on the interplay of light and dark to create a sense of depth and three-dimensional space.

The emphasis of this vintage piece is on the contrast between the perfectly square fabric and a simple concentric circular form. Panton used the size and space taken by the piece as an element of the design. Panton used a medium tone for the background, using ranges from deep forest to pastel to create the appearance of depth within space. It is a brilliant use of simple artistic concepts to create the essence of space and time.

The arrangement of the greens moves from darkest to lightest as you move inward, which creates the appearance of a ‘”tunnel.” It also creates motion, and the eye follows the forms into the illusionary distance that is created. At first, this appears to be a simple abstract, but when you examine what Panton achieved with this simple concept, it is easy to see why he achieved rank among midcentury icons such as Andy Warhol and Ray Eames.

This is an essential collector’s piece for aficionados of mid century art. The green gives it an organic, natural feel, and the abstract design could easily fit into an ultramodern space. It is an eye-catching piece of modern art that will create the illusion of space within the room. It would pair perfectly with retro-inspired furniture to create a look that is authentic yet fits nicely into today’s modern interiors.

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