Artistic Vintage French Art Deco Carpet 48592

Size: 3 ft 9 in x 5 ft (1.14 m x 1.52 m)
Origin: French Rugs

Vintage Art Deco Carpet, Country of Origin: France, Circa Date: 1930’s – This bold and abstract art deco rug does not follow any conventional sense of motion or composition. Instead, viewers are treated to an incredible array of colors and shapes that seem to pop to life from within their arrangement. Vibrant happy yellows, royal purples, gentle grays and milky whites all dance around and against each other. All of the shapes are set against a background that is as vibrant and eclectic as the colors themselves. Black lines and dots break up the colors here and there, creating pauses in the movements that can allow viewers to take a break and observe other details in relative ease and calm. A remarkable work, signed “M” by the artist in the bottom right corner, this rug a truly a work of textile art.

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