Taupe Contemporary Moroccan Area Rug 60953

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Size: 11 ft 9 in x 14 ft 9 in (3.58 m x 4.5 m)

Taupe Modern Moroccan Area Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – This modern rug was inspired by vintage Moroccan rugs that tell the story of the people who have carved out a living in a harsh landscape for thousands of years. It is a modern Moroccan inspired area rug design that pays homage to traditions that go back a millennium. The artist bridged the modern and ancient worlds to create a piece that stands out as a piece of artwork and as the foundation for an inspired room design.

This area rug from Afghanistan features subtle patterns that are geometric and reflect those found on traditional area rugs from Morocco. On the originals, these ancient symbols told a story of a people and their culture. Today, many of the meanings have been lost, but we can still appreciate their connection to people living close to nature and bringing us a glimpse of their world through their artistic works. This soft and decorative modern Moroccan design area rug gives a hint of the ancient culture and world to which it pays tribute.

This modern area rug would be a perfect addition to a minimalist space with lighter neutral tones. It has an organic feel that brings a touch of nature to the indoor space through its colors and soft texture. Its gently shifting colors are reminiscent of sands blown by the wind, or perhaps, the beautiful colors found in the walls of mountains and stone. The colors and shifting neutral tones of the rug create a calming effect and give the piece a balanced feel.

This is the perfect piece for a nature-inspired or Eco-chic space, but it could also pair well with a range of other contemporary styles. It is a versatile piece that allows you to keep the natural color scheme, or add pops of color throughout the space as you choose. It would pair well with anything from overstuffed couches to minimalist ones with square metal legs and angular shapes. Decorating our home with our modern Moroccan inspired area rugs allows you to reimagine your space for an updated look that reflects your personality and creates a warm and welcoming feel in your home.

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