Modern Cream Brown Minimalist Handmade Wool Pile Area Rug 11691

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Size: 11 ft 9 in x 14 ft 7 in (3.58 m x 4.44 m)

Chic Modern Cream Brown Minimalist Handmade Wool Pile Area Rug, Country of origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – This year’s design trends are about soft and cozy textures. It is about creating contrast by mixing soft curves and hard edges. The secret to creating a warm and cozy atmosphere is using pieces that have texture and add depth. This rug has a high and low pile that will feel luxurious on your feet and add an earthy feel. This rug has a primitive design and tribal feel that will warm your Boho Chic, Wabi Sabi, or Scandinavian design.

The most important concept in modern design lies in creating layers. This rug is an excellent foundation for a home office or space for conversation. Many areas of the home must now serve dual purposes. They might transition from an office space during the day to a space for doing homework in the afternoon. Later, the room might need to serve as a place for entertainment. This rug will allow it to be everything it needs to be throughout the day.

This is a gorgeous piece for adding greenery and a few modern Minimalist pieces of furniture. You could add a leather sofa for a tribal feel or a few bean bag chairs to celebrate your more primitive nature-loving side. The neutral design and colors of this rug make it perfect for almost any room.

This rug has a chic, modern design that is ready to become the foundation of a warm and cozy space. Brown is the color of choice when designers want to create a space that is perfect for relaxing. It has an earthy feel and reflects the natural world. The texture of this rug adds depth and a tribal feel that connects you with something primitive and ancient. This rug inspires the imagination and will help you create a space that is expressive and personal.

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