Small Size Square Shape Antique Polonaise Influenced Design English Needlepoint Rug 43258

Size: 2 ft 8 in x 2 ft 8 in (0.81 m x 0.81 m)

Soft colors and quaint bouquets of garden flowers give this carpet a delicate, feminine feeling while metallic accents add eye-catching details.

Antique English Needlepoint Rug, Origin: England – Here is a beautiful and truly unique antique rug — an antique needlepoint work that was originally hand made and hand dyed in England more than eighty years ago. Produced in England, this classic needlepoint rug shows influences from Persian textiles and Polonaise designs introduced to England from France. The central medallion and strapwork borders are dominant design elements. However, the brilliant blue poises and garden-style borders with flower-filled compartments never fail to capture attention. A beautiful composition that showcases the wide artistic range explored by master rug makers, this exquisite needlepoint is a real pleasure to behold. An aesthetically captivating work of art, this antique English needlepoint is sure to bring grace, elegance and sophistication into any home. Even in the world of fine rugs, this piece is something truly special.

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