Small Antique Charcoal Black Tribal Turkish Sivas Rug 50037

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Size: 4 ft 3 in x 5 ft 8 in (1.3 m x 1.73 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs
Style: Sivas Rugs

Rare Charcoal Color Tribal Antique Turkish Sivas Rug, Woven In: Turkey, Woven During The: Early 20th Century — Sophisticated color and exquisite detail define this elegant Sivas carpet. An earth-toned border patterned with finely woven flowers frames a bold, interlocking palmette motif set against a striking crimson background. Fine florals over a sandy cream base give way to the breathtaking dark heart of this magnificent and complex piece. Rich cream and gold illuminate a dark background. Bold scarlet accents and stunning array of traditional motifs emphasize the fine geometrical symmetry of this majestic and visually striking area rug. Primitive geometrical intricacy, rich color, and detailed symmetry dominate this regal piece.

The antique Sivas rugs are masterful hybrids of tribal Turkish origin and classic Persian rug designs. That is why these fascinating antique rugs and carpets are so highly appreciated by those looking for casual, rustic elegance combined with the sturdy, contemporary qualities found in antique Turkish rugs.

Most of the beautiful rugs from Sivas tend to boast more refined  patterns that that we see in the more traditional rugs. This is dues to the fact that these rugs were woven in very fine high qualities which then enabled the rug weavers to pay attention to even the smallest datils. This high rug knot count is also what enables the weavers to create very curvilinear patterns which usually result in more classical approaches to rug design.

The timeless design of this rare charcoal almost black color background Turkish Sivas rug will look great in modern interior designs just as effortlessly as it would in more traditionally decorated interiors. As unique works of art, these magnificent area rugs offer an opportunity to bring an authentic treasure into your home. If you are looking to buy rugs that are beautifully tribal and captivating then make sure to give this piece you attention.

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