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Antique Mongolia Rugs – The Rugs that were woven in Mongolia provide the open designs and neutral colors that works so well with modern decor. They are ideal design antique rugs that can adapt to almost any interior design and add to the warmth of the room without weighing down the fine balance of a well-crafted interior.

The pile rugs created by ancient Mongolians most likely can trace their origins to the pile Persian rugs. When Genghis Khan conquered Persia along with a large portion of the rest of the world, his troops brought back knowledge of several different forms of art. It was this knowledge of weaving learned from the conquered Persians that formed the basis of the Mongolian craft. Due to the multi-cultural exposure Mongolian citizens attained through the formation of their almost unfathomably vast empire, the rugs they created often had a variety of influences from all over the world.

Perhaps most notably, Mongolian carpets take a large amount of inspiration from the craft of their neighbors to the south. Besides taking techniques from the Persians, designs of Mongolian rugs also often bare similarities to Chinese rugs. Mongolian rugs display similar patterns to Chinese rugs and often place them atop a solid background. Many motifs are also borrowed from Chinese weavers, but are often simplified and recreated in a more geometric style.

Images such as tigers, dragons, endless knots, and Buddhist symbols can all be found in both Chinese and Mongolian weaving. Unlike Chinese rugs, however, Mongolian rugs rarely feature a vibrant color palette. The hues found on Mongolian rugs are usually brown and other more muted, earthy colors. Mongolian carpets also often employ more negative space to separate each portion of the design.

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