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Antique Kilim Articles – Kilims are quite the unique development in the world of antique rugs. While neither unique nor specific to any one country, kilims represent a distinct method of weaving. Rather than featuring a pile as most antique rugs do, kilims are an example of what are referred to as “flat weaves.” Below, find a series of informative and educational articles concerning vintage and antique kilims from a wide variety of countries.

1. History of Flat Woven Rugs

History of Flat Woven Rugs

Kilims are a type of handmade flat-woven rug that are characterized by the absence of piles or knotted fluff. [Read More: History of Flat Woven Rugs]

3. Online Exhibit of Antique Persian Mazadaran Kilims

Antique Persian Mazandaran Kilims<

Nazmiyal is proud to announce the recent accquisition of a beautiful collection that features some of the finest and most impressive antique Persian Mazandaran kilim rugs….  [Read More: Online Exhibit: Antique Persian Mazandaran Kilims]

2. Persian Kilims and Other Flatwoven Kilim Rugs

Flatwoven Kilim Rugs

Persian Kilims and Other Flat Woven Rugs …. [Read More: Persian Kilims and Other Flatwoven Kilim Rugs]