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Antique Kilim Articles – Kilims are quite the unique development in the world of antique rugs. While neither unique nor specific to any one country, kilims represent a distinct method of weaving. Rather than featuring a pile as most antique rugs do, kilims are an example of what are referred to as “flat weaves.” Below, find a series of informative and educational articles concerning vintage and antique kilims from a wide variety of countries.

1. Collection of Antique Tribal Kilims from All Major Producers

Collection of Antique Kilims

Most collectors of tribal textile arts are very familiar with the beauty of antique kilim rugs. If you are a budding collector or simply appreciate the artistic impact that kilims have to offer the this is one article you should most definitely read… [Read More: Antique Tribal Kilims]

2. History of Flat Woven Rugs

History of Flat Woven Rugs

Kilims are a type of handmade flat-woven rug that are characterized by the absence of piles or knotted fluff. [Read More: History of Flat Woven Rugs]

3. Online Exhibit of Antique Persian Mazadaran Kilims

Antique Persian Mazandaran Kilims<

Nazmiyal is proud to announce the recent accquisition of a beautiful collection that features some of the finest and most impressive antique Persian Mazandaran kilim rugs….  [Read More: Online Exhibit: Antique Persian Mazandaran Kilims]

3. Persian Kilims and Other Flatwoven Kilim Rugs

Flatwoven Kilim Rugs

Persian Kilims and Other Flat Woven Rugs …. [Read More: Persian Kilims and Other Flatwoven Kilim Rugs]