Red Color Modern Basquiat Inspired Art Area Rug 70955

Size: 6 ft 7 in x 9 ft 6 in (2.01 m x 2.9 m)

Amazing Red Color Modern Jean-Michel Basquiat Inspired Artistic Rug, Country Of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – Jean Michel Basquiat is considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, and this modern area rug was inspired by his work. Basquiat was considered a part of the neo expressionist movement who first began expressing the social tensions around him using graffiti. His art could be found on the Lower East Side of Manhattan during the 1970’s. By the early 1980’s, his paintings caught the attention of the traditional art world and began to be exhibited by galleries and museums.

Basquiat’s work focused on the dichotomy that existed in the world, such as the tensions between wealth and poverty, integration and segregation, and the inner versus the outer world. His work integrated poetry, abstraction, and contrast. His work was designed to evoke introspection and was meant as a direct criticism of colonialism. The tension in the work is portrayed through the aggressive strokes and use of high contrast colors, particularly black, red, and yellow.

This modern artistic area rug mimics the quintessential style of Basquiat and the tensions that were inherent in his artwork. This piece of modern artwork is perfect for an ultra-modern home that features blacks, reds, and metallic surfaces. The passion of the artist is apparent, and this is the perfect piece for the modern art collector who needs a statement piece for the room design. This would be the perfect foundation for a glass top table where the entirety of the piece can be displayed.

It is perfect for a conversation area that features contemporary furniture with minimalist legs or as part of a 1980’s retro inspired interior design. The artist who created this area rug from Afghanistan captured the passion, stylistic elements, and expressionism that were characteristic of Basquiat’s work. This is a unique piece of modern artwork that can be used on the floor or hung on the wall as a tapestry. Regardless of you chose to display them, the modern inspired Jean Michel Basquiat rugs will make a beautifully bold statement in any room of the home.

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