Rare Jewish Israeli Antique Bezalel Jerusalem Art School Rug 3364

Size: 9 ft 8 in x 12 ft (2.95 m x 3.66 m)
Origin: Israeli Rugs

This beautiful antique Oriental Bezalel carpet from Israel is graced by a classic allover Mina Khani design reminiscent of the finest Mahal or Tabriz pieces from Persia.

Antique Israeli RugsAntique Bezalel carpet, Israel, early 20th century Antique Bezalel carpets were produced in what is now Israel toward the end of the period of Ottoman Turkish rule just before World War I. The Bezalel school was founded as a center for the revival of Jewish arts and crafts. Working from various models in different styles, the Bezalel production strove for artistic excellence and the highest technical standards. This carpet beautifully exemplifies the outstanding results that the school achieved. The classic Persian allover Mina Khani design is equal in skill, coloration, and complexity to the finest Mahal or Tabriz carpet. Notice the particularly harmonious balance between the design, color, and proportion of the field and border. More Info.

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