Rare Artistic Antique Israeli Bezalel Jerusalem Art School Rug 70176

Size: 5 ft 2 in x 10 ft 7 in (1.57 m x 3.23 m)
Origin: Israeli Rugs

A Magnificent Antique Israeli Bezalel Rug, Country Of Origin: Israel, Circa Date: First Quarter Of The 20th Century – This colorful Art Nouveau rug is not only an enchanting piece for home, it also holds an important place in history. This antique Israeli rug was woven around the 1920’s at one of the world’s most prestigious art academies. The Bezalel school of art in Jerusalem began in 1906 and became synonymous with the world of Israeli art and design.

Students at the Bezalel art school were held to high standards, as one can clearly see in the Persian influenced design of this carpet. This attention to design and detail makes them some of the most fascinating and sought-after pieces in the world. The school was established by Jewish immigrants who were living in Israel under the Ottoman mandate. They combined folk traditions from Europe and the Orient to produce a unique style that is in a class by itself.

This antique Israeli Bezalel rug is loosely based on a medallion design and has the elements that one traditionally finds in a Persian carpet. It has a medallion, pendants on either side, formal corners, and a complex border design that serves as a frame. It has symmetry that is carried out with precision. From a distance, the carpet appears to be Persian, but upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that it is the fusion style for which Bezalel school was known.

The individual motifs in the Jewish carpet consist of simple designs that lack the detail found in Persian rugs. They have a distinctive folk art quality that gives them a simple, rustic appeal, but still allows them to retain their formal qualities. This creates a highly versatile piece that compliments a number of design styles from rustic to traditional. However, it also has formal elements that work well in a more sophisticated design too.

The colors of the antique carpet are cheerful, and the blue background is reminiscent of a quiet reflecting pool similar to those found throughout the Fertile Crescent. A Bezalel carpet makes a distinctive statement in any room. This is a unique piece for any interior design because of its magnificent artistry and its unique place in the art world.

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