Primitive Antique Tribal Uzbek Bokara Design Area Rug 70390

Size: 6 ft 7 in x 13 ft 8 in (2.01 m x 4.17 m)

Beautiful Antique Tribal Bokara Design Uzbek Rug, Origin: Uzbekistan, Circa: 1900 – Few carpets offer the authentic rustic charm exhibited in this piece. Its palette is dominated by rich russet and stark red, while its form invokes Uzbek symbolism and countryside lore. The secondary borders reflect the eternal appreciation of water in harsh and arid settings with depictions of undulating waves on sandy beige grounds. Between these flowing streams, the primary border holds a carefully arranged sequence of crenellated diamonds and triangles as protective talismans set against varied cool blue tones. The earthy central field is precisely divided into a rectangular grids of irregular octagons; each in turn quartered into segments alternating between red and light blue. Finally, each set of quadrants displays stylized rams, arrows and symbolic fauna reminiscent of the herdsman’s calling. This is folk art as high art as only the Turkic artisan’s loom can create it.

This magnificent antique Bokara design rug was created at the turn of the century. It features beautiful reds and blues and a striking design that honors the ancient tribal traditions behind it. The antique Bokara rugs from Uzbekistan are known for their softness and warm feel underfoot. They are also known for using vibrant colors.

Bokara style antique rugs often feature a repeated motif, which is in this case a guls pattern. Each of these rugs tells a story that can be understood by those who know how to read the symbols. The Uzbek people often inhabited agricultural oases. They incorporated many symbols that represent the importance of water to their lifestyle.

One of the characteristics that distinguishes a tribal rug is its spontaneous design. This rug is structured by a larger pattern of guls designs, but within this framework, the artist used their creativity to fill in the details. This quality reflects the individual artistic decisions of the weaver. This makes it an individual work of art.

This gorgeous tribal piece is perfect for a larger space. It is essential for room designs like Boho Chic and tribal-inspired décor. This rug would make an excellent foundation for a dining room table, conversation area, or entranceway. In a formal setting, it will give the space a more casual feel.

Tribal rugs are unique and reflect the lies of the people who created them. The colors are gorgeous and will stand out. In a room with plenty of colors, this rug will fit in. Tribal rugs from this region are an important cultural item that represents the traditional artwork of the area.

This antique tribal Bokara design rug is long and would be an excellent way to feature a fireplace and seating area. It would also make an excellent piece of tribal artwork for your interior design or your collection. Anywhere you use it in your home, it makes a statement and shows off your unique design style and taste.

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