Vintage Paul Klee Rug “Little Drummer Boy” 71055


Size: 2 ft 6 in x 4 ft 10 in (0.76 m x 1.47 m)

Vintage Scandinavian Inspired by Paul Klee’s “Little Drummer Boy” Tapestry Rug, Origin: Scandinavia, Circa: Mid Century – Superbly fresh and modernist in feel, even by today’s standards, this remarkable vintage carpet features a graphic and iconic Paul Klee design known as ‘The Drummer Boy.’ This graphic pre-war Paul Klee rug was re-created in textile form decades later yet still captures the modernity of Klee’s pioneering style. Known for his bold use of color and unique theories, Klee juxtaposes expressive, aggressive crimson and impenetrable jet black hues against a soft, sumptuous ivory field. Paul Klee’s rough, chalky hand-drawn lines are re-built in a luxurious textile medium that retains the artistic textures and nuances of the expressive lines and abstract symbols. Through color and distilled designs, the artist, Paul Klee, illustrates the essence and perpetual momentum of the iconic drummer boy figure in a playful, youthful manner that is expressive, abstract and inherently modern.

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