Oversized 17th Century Hunting Scene Persian Isfahan Rug 3025

Size: 8 ft 10 in x 33 ft (2.69 m x 10.06 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Majestic Oversized 17th Century Persian Isfahan Hunting Scene Area Rug, Weaving Country of Origin / Type Of Rug: Persian Rug, Approximate Weaving Date: 17th Century – This rare 17th century carpet is a majestic and ornate masterpiece that is sure to spark one’s imagination. Despite being over 300 years old, this beautifully saturated and soft colors, give this antique Persian Isfahan rug something of a modern feel. This fact alone is enough to set this antique carpet from many of its counterparts.

Perhaps the most alluring aspect of this rare and remarkable early Persian rug, is its amalgam of animal and human illustrations that adorn the center field. Exotic horses, deer and other rare creatures are depicted in symmetrical patterns. Interspersed among the animal motifs, we find dignified figures of people as well as hunters and archers. This artistic depiction of ancient life gives the entire antique Oriental rug a unique flair of cultural pride. Since so many different images are interlaced withing the design, the more one spends time looking at this breathtaking piece, the more they will start to discover.

The overall visual impact of these intricate renderings and color schemes rouses the curiosity and imagination in a way that is rarely matched. This gorgeous historical relic is almost impossible to replicate four centuries later…  a testament to the masterful skill of the weaver and artist.

This magnificent oversized 17th century hunting scene Persian Isfahan rug is a regal decorative rug as well as a  stand alone breathtaking piece of textile art. As is the case with the best examples of their kind, the charm of this antique Oversized carpet will only grows with time.

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