Beautiful Modern Rugs and Selection of New Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary Modern Rugs – In the last decade or so, the production of new rugs has experienced a Renaissance of sorts. The quality of their weave, wool, and design has not been as good since the early decades of the twentieth century.

One of the unforeseen benefits of this new trend has been the revival of a particular genre of modern production that may be distinguished from the rest – the Modern or Contemporary design rug.

The roots of modern and contemporary design vary considerably. They may be traced most of all of the first carpets made in a Modernist style, the Art Deco carpets of Europe, America, and China made between the late twenties and the fifties.

Another important inspiration came from leading abstract painters of that period like Picasso, Klee, and Miro, and Mondrian, whose work could readily be translated into the medium of woven carpets. Early Scandinavian Modern carpets also contributed to this trend.

Contemporary modern rugs made today tend to draw freely on all these sources or inspirations, combined with cutting edge innovations from contemporary architectural and interior design and painting.

As a result, those buyers with a taste for the clean, abstract, simplicity of Modern interior décor once again have the option of purchasing quality rugs and carpets in this style, without having to compete for the limited supply of Modernist vintage pieces which are rapidly and paradoxically becoming costly antiques. Nazmiyal Antique Rugs has chosen a limited inventory of contemporary rugs for greatly reduced prices.

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Showing 1–20 of 83 results