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It is amazing how an area rug can transform a room. Modern 10′ x 14′ rugs are a great way to add more color and style to a room. These come in a wide variety of modern designs and textures. Large rooms in your home or in commercial settings have a whole different look with a large area rug, especially if the room has hardwood flooring. These rugs best complement rooms with modern furniture and art, but they can work well with many other themes. Furniture can be arranged on area rugs in different ways. The possibilities are endless.

Modern 10′ x 14 size rugs are more than just decoration and the base of the room’s layout. They function as a way to reduce the noise made by people walking, a place for people to sit, a guide for placing furniture in the room, and a way to protect feet from the cold floor when the weather changes. With a rug this size, you can prevent the floor underneath from sustaining any damage. Quality hardwood floors or carpet can be protected from stains this way. Besides that, the rug adds usability to the room by allowing more places to comfortably sit on the floor in the room. Also, they anchor the furniture in the room and indicate where the main area of the room is.

The way that furniture is placed on an area rug can make a room look larger or smaller. Keep this in mind as you put the room together. Also note 10’ x 14’ modern rugs cover an area of 140 sq. ft. There should be an even margin of space between the edge of the rug and the walls in the room to ensure a neater appearance. The amount of floor left exposed around the perimeter of the rug will differ depending on the room, but generally it is recommended to leave an 18” margin if possible.

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It is important to choose the right size rug for your space.

Large modern area rugs make a good impression on visitors. Not only are they decorative and useful, but they convey style. They show that someone cared enough to take the room beyond average furnishings. Modern area rugs are functional art that not everyone can appreciate. Rugs increase the value of their location and provide their owners with comfort and beauty. This is one of the reasons why interior designers like them.

Quality modern 10’ x 14’ size area rugs are easier to find than before. Nowadays, modern rugs are much higher quality thanks to change in production methods in the rug industry. This has increased their popularity. Their durable and soft materials mean longer lasting and better looking designs. Modern rugs that are made well are a special form of art.

Our collection of modern 10′ x 14′ sized area rugs is always growing. If you see a rug you like on this page and it isn’t listed in the size you want, contact us to get more information about having it made in this size.

Is a 10×14 size modern area rug considered “big”?

Yes, a 10×14 size modern area rug is considered to be a relatively large rug. It provides substantial coverage and can anchor a significant portion of a room. The dimensions of 10×14 mean that the rug is 10 feet wide and 14 feet long, resulting in a total area of 140 square feet. This size is suitable for larger living rooms, dining rooms, and open spaces.

When selecting a rug size, it’s important to consider the dimensions of the room and the layout of your furniture. A 10×14 rug can comfortably accommodate a dining table and chairs, or it can cover a substantial portion of a seating area in a living room. It can help define different zones within an open-concept space or provide a unified look to a larger room.

Keep in mind that the perceived “bigness” of a rug can also be influenced by the scale of the furniture and the overall layout of the room. In some cases, a 10×14 rug might feel even larger or smaller depending on these factors. It’s a good idea to measure your space and visualize how the rug will fit before making a decision.

Where do most people use a 10×14 area rug?

A 10×14 rug is a relatively large size, and it is commonly used in spacious areas where you want to define a significant portion of the floor space and create a cohesive and visually appealing look.

Here are some common areas where people often use 10×14 rugs:

  • Living Room: A 10×14 rug can anchor the seating area in a large living room. It allows the front legs of sofas and chairs to rest on the rug, creating a unified and cozy gathering space. This size is particularly suitable for open-concept living rooms or those with ample floor space.
  • Dining Room: In a dining room, a 10×14 rug can comfortably accommodate a large dining table and chairs. It ensures that the chairs remain on the rug, even when pulled out for seating. This size helps define the dining area and adds a sense of elegance to the space.
  • Master Bedroom: Placing a 10×14 rug under a king-sized bed can create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere in a master bedroom. The rug can extend beyond the bed, framing it and adding warmth to the overall bedroom design.
  • Family Room: Similar to the living room, a family room can benefit from the use of a 10×14 rug to define the seating area and provide a soft surface for relaxation and play.
  • Great Room: In larger open-concept spaces, such as great rooms or loft-style apartments, a 10×14 rug can help delineate different functional areas, such as living, dining, and entertainment spaces.
  • Home Office: If you have a spacious home office or study area, a 10×14 rug can create a comfortable and stylish work environment. It can help define your workspace and add a touch of sophistication to the room.

Remember that the placement of a rug should take into account the layout of your furniture and the overall design of the room. Properly positioning the rug can help create a balanced and harmonious look in the space.

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