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Abstract Contemporary Rug 26075805 by Nazmiyal NYC
Texture Of Abstract Contemporary Rug 26075805 by Nazmiyal NYC
Details Of Abstract Contemporary Rug 26075805 by Nazmiyal NYC
Close Up Of Abstract Contemporary Rug 26075805 by Nazmiyal NYC

Trendsetting Abstract Contemporary Rug 26075805

Size: 9 ft x 12 ft (2.74 m x 3.66 m)
Origin: India Rugs

This rug can be ordered in any standard or custom sizes.

Beautiful Wool And Silk Trendsetting Abstract Contemporary Rug, Rug Type / Country of Origin: India, Circa Date: Modern / New – Neutrals, black, and white are classics that continue to spark the imagination of contemporary designers. They are the perfect foundation that can be used alone or with a splash of color. This eye-catching contemporary abstract rug is created with a limited palette of greys that range from pearl to charcoal with subtle splashes on the blue end of the spectrum.

Light ramie brown and white add interest and highlights to the piece without detracting from the neutral palette. This carpet is masterfully created to look like an abstract expressionist painting. The style and technique make it look like paint drips in a few places.

The style of the design is inspired by mid-20th century abstract expressionists who often interacted with the canvas in a way that is passionate and expression of their deepest emotions. The style is similar to classic mid-century modern paintings, but this illusion was created using the medium of carpet weaving. This adds a surprising touch to the interior design because a piece like this is expected to be on the walls instead of the floor.

The visual impact of the modern rug creates a dimensional effect and looks like an oil painting created with a palette knife, much like the work of Henri Matisse or Paul Cezanne. The artist who created this piece took it a step further and used the techniques available in carpet weaving to create a piece that has dimensional texture. The artist used areas of pile weaving and plain weaving to create high and low areas across the design.

This is a striking piece with a refined character. It is the perfect foundation for adding texture and color to a neutral room without straying from the palette. This rug could also be used to tone down a more dramatic black and white room and add interest. This is a beautiful carpet that inspires the imagination and creates many design possibilities for a contemporary space.

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