Mid Century Modern Vintage Blue “Kreis” Verner Panton Textile 47717

Size: 4 ft x 4 ft (1.22 m x 1.22 m)

Vintage Mid Century Modern Verner Panton “Kreis” Textile in Blue, Denmark, Mid 20th Century — Staring into the concentric shapes of the circular form rendered in blue, the viewer is invited to wander into curious thoughts. The darker background of blue might be the sky or the ocean of some far off land. Watching the blues presented in the artwork here, Vernon Panton‘s design leads the eye to the center of the circles transitioning from lighter to darker blues. One might be invited to wonder is the journey heading to the depths of a whirlpool in an ocean or flying upwards towards a night sky, space or a dark planet? Perhaps this is how it feels to look downward from the interior of a water droplet creating rings in a puddle. Open to fanciful interpretation, Panton’s textile prints were designed to add whimsy and interest into the decor of the surrounding environment.

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