Luxurious Classic Renaissance Pattern Antique Square Shape Spanish Savonnerie Rug 46823

Size: 11 ft x 11 ft (3.35 m x 3.35 m)
Origin: Spain Rugs

This grand antique Spanish Savonnerie carpet showcases an exquisite architectural medallion and interwoven arabesque encased by lavish neoclassical borders.

A Captivating Antique Square Size Spanish Savonnerie Rug, Origin Of This Rug: Spain, Circa Date: 1930’s – The luxurious neoclassical borders are filled with vibrant bouquet garlands that spiral around gilded coils that resemble the wonderful French rugs. Millwork accents with precise shadows and clear golden hues line the edges of the borders and complement the gilded ornaments that are featured within the elegantly appointed field. This regal Spanish rendition of the Savonnerie style features a stunning variety of well-defined botanical motifs that are gracefully intertwined to create one expansive arabesque that weaves in architectural details and continental European influences.

This antique Spanish Savonnerie rug retains the formal elements of Oriental rugs such as a central motif, and formal border. It is a square shape rug that emphasizes balance through both vertical and horizontal symmetry. It is not directional, with each of its four quadrants identical. This Spanish rug could easily sit in the center of a square room and extend the sense of balance to the entire interior design.

The combination of bright pinks, greens, and golds give it a sense of wealth and extravagance that reflect the tastes of the time period in which was produced. Many of the antique rugs of this time use bright jewel tone colors as a reflection of the ability to afford the dyes to create them. The individual design elements are carried out with a high level of detail and the use of subtle shading in a way that shows true skill of the weaver.

This antique square size rug makes a distinct statement about the refinement and wealth of the one who commissioned it to be created. Its bold use of color continues to make a statement to this day. This is a well preserved specimen and would make an excellent addition to any fine collection and a beautiful piece to be admired for many years to come.

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