Large Oversize Antique American Rag Rug 48667

Size: 15 ft x 23 ft 4 in (4.57 m x 7.11 m)
Style: Rag Rugs

Beautiful Large Oversize Antique American Rag Rug, Country of Origin: America, Circa Date: 1900 – This breathtaking casual large oversized antique American Rag Rug exhibits an overall plaid pattern, with horizontal and vertical stripes that work together to create a distinctive appearance. The dominant feature is a series of upright bars in a dark gray that appears black due to contrasting white borders around each. These are offset with a cycling pattern of warm colors that lend the large Oversize antique American rag rug a red-orange tone. Horizontal markings are created by stitches of varied intensity that seem to designate stripes irregularly along the length. The wide body of the antique Rag Rug is created by strips sewn together along their edges, forming a columnar design that reinforces the vertical stripes. A beautiful and relaxed addition to any decorating style or aesthetic.

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