Large Square Size Antique Allover Floral Design Rich Red Color Irish Donegal Rug 50452


Size: 15 ft 5 in x 16 ft 8 in (4.7 m x 5.08 m)
Origin: Irish Rugs

Beautiful Large Antique Square Size Irish Donegal Area Rug, Rug Type / Origin : Irish Rug, Circa / Rug Date: 1930’s – This large, antique Irish area rug is a festive Donegal carpet designed to carry brightness into any space. Jagged, olive green holly leaves cluster with dark red, spiked fronds in a pattern that repeats over the vivid carmine backdrop. The warm hue, like crystal clear carnelians, is intense and un-muted by the pattern that seems to coalesce out of its liveliness.

A narrow, scalloped edging around the square field leads to several borders. The widest strip is backed with black for a darker counterpoint to the brilliance within, and a floral decoration repeats around the antique rug with small red flowers featuring four petals and a white outline. Attractive blossoms half in red and half in white tilt along the border’s center line, alternating directions and nestled amid rich brown, curling leaves. Red, white and gold strips form accenting scroll-work in a chain-like decoration around the outer edge.

Upon first glance, the design of this beautiful rich red color Irish Donegal rug, seems to be displaying a magnificent array of floral paisley designs throughout the field. But upon closer examination, you will notice that the lines needed to create the actual paisley motif do not connect so in essence it is “just” a floral pattern that gives the illusion of being actual paisley motifs. It is as if the Irish rug weaver is playing a trick on us and having some fun at our expense.

If you need to add a slash of color, warmth and texture to your home’s decor, and you need a square shape carpet, this antique Irish Donegal rug will make a spectacular addition. It has presence and color and will be sure to leave its wonderfully artistic impact wherever you decide to place it.

Area rugs from Ireland area quite rare. Even more rare is that fact that rug is square in shape which usually means that it is was a custom bespoke rug when it was first woven. So if you are looking to buy rugs for your home, especially if you need  square shape and love red color area rugs, then large square size antique Irish Donegal rug would make a phenomenal option.

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