Geometric Vintage Persian Kilim Rug 60373


Size: 8 ft 8 in x 11 ft 7 in (2.64 m x 3.53 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs
Style: Kilim Rugs

Beautiful Geometric Vintage Persian Kilim Rug. Country of Origin: Vintage Persian / Circa Date: Mid 20th Century  – This beautiful mid century vintage Persian rug is the perfect addition to design trends for the upcoming year. Interior design trends that are set to rise in popularity in the coming year include bright colors in combinations that break the rules of traditional decor and mixing different patterns and textures. This kilim rug has a folk-art rug feel and home-crafted look that is perfect for Modern Rustic, Danish Hygge, and Japanese Wabi-Sabi styles.

One of the more popular trends is the use of contrasting colors and patterns to create juxtaposition and add a feeling of dynamic energy to the room. This piece would be perfect for layering rugs, perhaps with traditional Persian rugs on top for contrast. This flat weave rug complements modern color trends that include bold pinks, teals, grays, and muted, earthy tones.

These vintage rugs were created on primitive looms and consist of two pieces that are sewn together. They were used to add a primitive character to rooms that included mid century modern design furniture with minimalist legs. Statement pieces are another trend that continues to gain in popularity, and this one adds a fresh, vibrant feel to the room with its brilliant colors and handwoven look.

Gray walls and furniture with a pop of color in the accessories is a trend that is gaining momentum. This rug is the perfect piece for this trend. You could easily use the colors as inspiration for throw pillows, lamps, and wall art. The area rug has a soft, supple texture that is light and airy.

This rug could take on a more traditional, role in a Retro Chic room, or it could transform a modern space with multifunctional furniture and concrete walls into a contemporary sanctuary. It has a cozy feel that would be perfect for creating a functional area in a loft or living room. Regardless of your style, this rug will add its vibrant energy and gorgeous colors to the space to create a look that is updated and fresh.

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