Geometric Soft Blue Color Modern Swedish Inspired Kilim Runner, Country of Origin: Modern Indian, Circa date: Modern – This modern Swedish inspired flat woven kilim runner rug is a truly lovely and soothing modern area rug. This design harks back to the iconic vintage Scandinavian rugs and seems simple at first glance. But as one spends more and more time inspecting this beautiful runner rug, the simplistic beauty transforms into a remarkably complex work of striated colors.

Darker lines extend throughout the modern rug from India which create a number of independently sectioned off rectangular fields. The central field area is the longest, while the flanking areas are as long but more narrow. The design of this remarkable flat weave rug is formed by a multitude of rectangle patches, which are saturated with slightly different light blue and soft purple hues. The colors of purple, blue, sea foam and beige that were used to create the this beautiful kilim rug are all remarkably similar in temperature and tone. This creates a very calming color backdrop that is easy to incorporate in any Scandinavian Bauhaus type design a more specific Scandi home decor or almost any modern interiors.

A lovely alternating checkered pattern completes the two short end. This adds a beautiful touch of polished elegance as well as a sense of balance and completeness. The light blue coolness combined by the hint of geometry of this modern Swedish inspired runner rug, are its most prominent artistic aspects.

The sleek texture of this beautiful Swedish kilim gives it a distinctively modern flair, but its vintage vibes are undeniable. The timeless beauty and overall complex sophistication of this modern rug, speak volumes about the artist, who created it.  If you are looking to create an interior design that is sure to bestow a feel of tranquility, then this modern kilim runner rug would be quite hard to beat. It is magnificently decorative rug as well as breathtaking example of complex yet soothing work of textile art.

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