Finely Woven Luxurious Antique Turkish Sivas Animal Design Area Rug 40889

Size: 7 ft 11 in x 11 ft 6 in (2.41 m x 3.51 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs
Style: Sivas Rugs

This classic antique Sivas carpet from Turkey depicted a forested garden paradise of flowering trees.

Antique Turkish Rugs — Antique Sivas, Turkey, early twentieth century For those who desire a decorative carpet with classical Oriental artistic elegance, this lush antique Sivas has it all. Across the field a forested garden paradise of flowering trees provides a lovely landscape for rampant animals enjoying nature’s bounties. But the softly colored low contrast palette makes this pictorial imagery subtle; it is there for those who care to look, but it does not assert itself upon the viewer, allowing the decorative aspect of the rich velvety pile and delicate tonality to take precedence.

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