Fine Sky Blue Medallion Antique Persian Tabriz Rug 45778


Size: 10 ft x 15 ft 3 in (3.05 m x 4.65 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Exquisitely colored and composed, this outstanding antique Persian rug from Tabriz depicts a magnificent octofoil medallion set over a creamy ivory-colored field.

Fine Antique Tabriz Persian Sky Blue Medallion Design Rug, Country Of Rug Origin: Persia, Circa / Rug Weaving Date: Early 20th Century – This antique Persian carpet is fit for a palace, and it is possible that it may have once called a palace its home. The design of this carpet is reminiscent of the reflecting pools that once adorned the gardens and courtyards of the great rulers of the Persian Empire. This carpet was created in Tabriz around the turn of the 20th century. The design reflects the historical traditions of the master weavers of this famous carpet weaving center.

The history of oriental carpet weaving in Tabriz goes back to the Golden Age of Persian arts during the 1500’s. It was during this time when the Safavid rulers established formal art schools for the production of carpets and other art forms. This established a long tradition of producing some of the most exquisite carpets in the world.

Tabriz carpets are known for their high knot count, quality of materials, and exquisite designs, as one can clearly see from this example. This carpet uses the familiar medallion design that is often found in Tabriz carpets. However, this artist treated it differently than one typically finds.

The artist of this antique carpet used the same brilliant blue in the central medallion, pendants, and formal corners of the rug. The artist continued the blue theme throughout the highly intricate design in the main borders. The square guard borders give it a tiled appearance, much as one would find in a formal reflecting pool.

The designer of this carpet used a variation on a traditional motif that has been used in the area rugs of Tabriz for centuries but added a unique and individual artistic touch. This is an exquisite piece, and the colors remain as bright and vibrant as the day they were created. This carpet has an awe-inspiring, transcendent quality that evokes a feeling of the sublime.

This radiant rug is one of those breathtaking examples of artistry that only comes around on rare occasions. This exquisite piece belongs in a collection of interior design where its mesmerizing colors and design can be enjoyed by those who have a true appreciation for fine art.

Characterized by an impeccable and classic composition as well as visibly meticulous weaving, this antique Tabriz carpet is an appealing and impressive example of an important style of antique Persian rug. Sublimely decorated, this elaborate antique rug from Tabriz depicts an elegant pendant-flanked medallion surrounded by layers of floral motifs and graceful floral valances that are set over the stark and inherently stylish monochromatic field.

Lush spandrels embellished with graceful curved outlines, intricate floral sprays and compound boteh emblems emphasize the timeless elegance of traditional curvilinear Persian designs. The awe-inspiring main borders depict towering cypress trees and intricate floral sprays set over a warm and beautifully oxidized chestnut brown background. Exquisite guard bands adorned with reciprocating floral motifs showcase an arresting variety of superfluous floral details that add to the appeal of this supreme antique Persian rug from Tabriz.

People who are buying rugs and are wanting fine high quality rugs that are very best rugs of their kind, this antique Persian Tabriz rug would be a wonderful selection.

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