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Fine Classic Traditional Floral Antique Persian Haji Jalili Tabriz Medallion Rug 47135

Size: 10 ft x 13 ft 9 in (3.05 m x 4.19 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Attributed to Haji Jalili of Tabriz, this spectacular Persian carpet displays a grand medallion set over a sumptuous monochrome ground that is fabulously elegant.

Extremely Fine And Intricately Designed Antique Haji Jalili Persian Tabriz Rug, Woven in: Persia, Circa Date: 1900 – This fine Persian Haji Jalili Tabriz rug is a breathtaking example that was woven by the great master rug weaver in the renewed Persian carpet making center of Tabriz. This exquisite antique Persian Haji Jalili Tabriz rug is indicative of the quality and beauty one would expect to see in the best examples of antique Persian carpets.

From the stylistic finesse and superb compositional skills to the quality materials and outstanding colors, this masterful antique Persian rug has all the features of a Haji Jalili masterpiece attributed to the preeminent master weaver in Tabriz. The arresting composition features a dramatic pendant-flanked medallion with reflective spandrels separated by a cushion of clear neutral earth toned  ground that adds to the impact of the powerfully elegant design. The central medallion displays a spectacular assortment of soft decorators’ colors and detailed botanical designs that display contrasting veins and hairline outlines.

The cushion of soft ecru ground creates a secondary medallion figure surrounded by heavily decorated inset spandrels. The detail and stylistic finesse of the clear, well-defined motifs is redoubled in the exceedingly ornate borders and guard bands, which display a lacy mesh of reciprocating vines and millefleur florals.

The magnificent use of contrasting colors and the play of negative space vs extremely intricate patterns, gives this antique rug an artistic look and feel that is rarely matched. The light neutral colors and fine patterns of the floral medallion rest so peacefully against the solid color background of the field. This fascinating juxtaposition creates a quite and soothing feel while the luminosity of the high grade wool ads a happy shimmer that radiates from the area rug outwards and a magnificent display of colors and texture.

Fine high quality woven rugs like this Persian Tabriz are a truly remarkable feat and could only be created by the most skilled rug weavers. When shopping for rugs, finding beautiful rugs like this, that are simply magnificent, is true joy.

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