Fine and Decorative Antique Persian Tabriz Rug 50625


Size: 10 ft x 15 ft 2 in (3.05 m x 4.62 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Fine Weave With Warm And Earthy Decorative Colors Antique Persian Tabriz Area Rug, Country Of The Rug’s Origin: Persia, Circa Woven Date: 1920 – This beautiful, neutral and soft Tabriz carpet was produced around the turn of the 20th century. The warm, earthy browns create a peaceful and serene feeling. Tabriz weavers have a tradition that goes back hundreds of years when the first schools were established by the Safavid rulers to establish the area as one of economic importance.

When the dynasty fell, the art of carpet weaving also experienced a decline. In the late 1800’s, there was an attempt to restore the carpet weaving industry of Persia, and master weavers were hired to produce carpets that would appeal to the European and American markets.

During this time, the carpets became more subdued in their colors, reflecting a more European taste. They became popular features in Victorian homes where Oriental carpets were highly prized and considered to be a status symbol. Carpets from Tabriz were particularly valuable because of their reputation for having a fine weave and high quality.

This Persian carpet uses geometric a latticework-like grid design that is masterfully laid out by a skilled artist. It has a high level of detail that is only possible by using a fine weave and cutting the pile close to keep the design crisp. One of the beautiful details of this carpet is the use of outlining to indicate some of the smaller floral motifs, rather than filling them in. This gives a carpet a delicate look and adds to the beauty of its artistry. This outlining technique also gives it a look that is reminiscent of a pen and ink drawing.

This is a beautiful antique rug created by a designer who was a master in the trade and who had a highly developed level of artistic skill. This would be the perfect piece for a historic or Victorian home. The colors are subdued and blend beautifully to create an earthy and harmonious feel. This is a beautiful piece that would make the perfect accompaniment in neutral and earth-toned designs.

True to the best antique Persian Tabriz rugs, this beautiful Persian rug displays an incredible amount of detail using a relatively limited color palette. Several beige and brown colors dominate the masterpiece’s surface, standing out against cream and white elements. Several complicated borders encircle and frame each other, creating rigidity and motion by leading one’s attention closer and closer to the core of this captivating antique area rug from Persia. Flowers and blossoms line the interiors of the thicker borders, while the thinner ones bear simpler lines and paths of motion that generate interest and intrigue.

At the center of the antique Persian Tabriz rug is a wide field of flowers, containing a repeated pattern of petals and fronds that create figures in their connecting outlines, teasing the viewer through a skillful arrangement of positive and negative spaces within.

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