Earthy Tone Modern Moroccan Hallway Runner Rug 61008

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Size: 3 ft x 9 ft 8 in (0.91 m x 2.95 m)

Captivating Earthy Toned Inspired Modern Moroccan Hallway Runner Rug, Country / Origin: Afghanistan, Circa / date: Modern – The gorgeous, soft earthy color of this modern Moroccan-style area rug are perfect for creating an Eco-style space. The design of the hallway runner rug is based on the traditional designs of the ancient Moroccan Beni Ourain rug weaving tribes that live in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The artist used these primitive, tribal linear motifs as the inspiration for this piece, only with updated techniques that bring the design into contemporary style trends.

The gently shifting earthy neutral tones create an organic feel that is perfect for wabi-sabi, creating a Moroccan interior design esthetic or for creating a Danish modern design (as examples). The design has a hand-drawn feel that has a spontaneous quality, much like a piece of modern art. Modern interior designers often include pieces that reflect the natural world and that mimic primitive artistic elements. Including pieces that inspire a feeling of living close to the natural world is an important trend in modern design that continues to gain popularity.

The vertical elements of the design will emphasize the length of the space and will make it look and feel longer. However, the occasional, abrupt offset in the background color and design softens this effect by providing horizontal movement. This sudden change in pattern is an element that you often find in the vintage rugs that inspired this modern area rug. The “inconsistencies” in the pattern, give it an authentic Moroccan rug feel and add interest to the geometric elements of the design.

The colors of this Moroccan Berber design rug make it perfect for a room that is furnished with simple, minimalist furniture with its clean lines. The natural colors and design make this decorative area rug from Afghanistan the perfect base for a room that features pieces made from natural elements, such as natural woods, bamboo, or stone tiles. It would blend into modern flooring that uses slate or natural limestone. This modern Moroccan style runner rug creates a warm and welcoming feel in a formal entranceway, hallway, or any room of the home.

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