Earthy Brown And Blue Antique Mongolian Swastika Motif Rug 44894

Size: 10 ft 3 in x 12 ft 6 in (3.12 m x 3.81 m)

Blending influences from China and Inner Mongolia, this spectacular antique rug features fretwork details and auspicious symbols rendered in a limited color scheme.

Antique Mongolian Rug, Origin: Mongolia, Circa: Woven During The Late 19th Century – This antique Mongolian rug features a traditional fretwork medallion and swastika motif paired with polychromatic spandrels and continuous pinyin wan borders. Linear frames separate the precisely rendered fretwork borders from the carefully colored field that features a sumptuous chestnut brown background decorated with auspicious bian fu bats and vaporous clouds with spiraling tufts. Clear white details and saturated blue accents provide bursts of high-chroma color that offset the strong earth tones and deep chocolaty browns that dominate the overall composition. Holding true to eastern design principles that follow the less-is-more motto, this elegant antique rug incorporates an airy composition with carefully placed motifs and precise fretwork details rendered in a restrained color palette that highlights the strong use of negative space. This antique Mongolian rug is one of the most decoratively versatile examples and would work well in traditional or modern interior settings.

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