Decorative Ivory and Blue Antique Khotan Runner Rug 42193

Size: 3 ft x 10 ft 5 in (0.91 m x 3.17 m)

This antique Khotan rug has a delicate, blue-and-cream palette. Three round, floral medallions

Beautiful Ivory and Blue Decorative Antique Khotan Runner Rug, Country Of Origin: East Turkestan, Circa: Early 20th Century – This runner rug is magnificent and decorative antique Khotan rug which was woven during the early 20th century in East Turkestan. This antique Oriental rug is mostly cream and features details in varying shades of darker blue.

This highly decorative runner rug is framed by blue concentric circular designs which highlight the overall shape of the antique rug. This decorative antique Khotan runner rug is a long, thin, rectangle and the patterns and designs compliment this shape and help to elongate it even further.

The center most rectangle features several different designs, including geometric designs in the corners. These elements bring a level of elegance to the antique Khotan runner rug . There are three large floral-inspired round medallions in the central region of this rug which create an eye catching centerpiece. These large dark shapes are the first thing the eye is drawn to when looking at this Khotan rug, and it helps to guide the eye toward the center of this elongated shape. There are also small arrow designs in the center region as well as some more small abstract elements.

Every unique antique rug tells a story, and the beauty in this particular decorative antique Khotan runner rug lies in its simplicity. The patterns are bold yet remain elegant. The use of only a few colors means that even though this rug is large the pattern is not overwhelming. This stunning antique Khotan rug is a very eye catching piece that demonstrates a high level of skill and design ability.

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