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Tribal Brown Antique Rustic Khotan Rug 44546

Size: 5 ft 1 in x 10 ft 3 in (1.55 m x 3.12 m)

Produced along the Silk Road, antique Khotans like this blend the designs of middle eastern carpets with those of China.

Brown Tribal and Geometric Antique Khotan Rug, Origin: East Turkestan, Circa: 1900 – Though produced along the Silk Road just to the west of China and Tibet, antique Khotan rugs like this reflect the design of Middle Eastern carpets as well. Her the field design of flowers linked by a stylized trellis recalls the ‘mina khani’ pattern of Persian rugs, while the shrub and cloud borders are classic Chinese. The horizontal shrubs and openwork medallions in the field on this antique rug are also Chinese, though beautifully integrated within the ‘mina khani.’ Still, what unifies the overall composition despite its eclectic essence is the masterful use of soft, harmonious color, especially the complementary interaction of gold and black, with ivory and soft reds for accent.

The Asian influenced elements of the antique rug, give it structure that can still be easily distinguished. This beautiful and soft brown and earth tone colored rug has a feel of symmetry but when inspected closely the rug design is actually not symmetrical. This helps give that tribal rug feel that we tend to associate with some of the best Persian rugs as well as Caucasia rugs and lets not for get the iconic tribal Turkish rugs. This makes sense as the antique rugs that were woven in East Turkestan tend to feature designs from all across Asia. This is because these iconic area rugs were woven in Khotan – a city that once was a major stop along the silk road.

For people who are shopping for rugs and love the more tribal and nomadic designs, this tribal antique Khotan East Turkestan area rug would make an amazing option. It has a casual and relaxed rustic rug feel and neutral grounding colors that tend to work with a wide range of interior design styles and color schemes.

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