Colorful Geometric Antique European Art Deco Design Area Rug 40739

Size: 8 ft x 10 ft 11 in (2.44 m x 3.33 m)

Bold curvilinear and rectilinear geometric patterns woven in a charming combination of warm and cool colors decorate the vivid field of this European Art Deco rug.

Art Deco Rug, Europe, Early 20th Century – Created in Europe, this innovative Art Deco rug features a series of beautifully layered patterns and inset details rendered in a vibrant combination of contrasting colors. Circular, triangular and rectilinear geometric motifs are paired with a series of discontinuous stripes, variegated details and abstract checkers that add to the colorful and textural nature of this exceptional Art Deco rug. This abstract European rug is rendered in a brilliant combination of high-contrast colors, including turquoise, sapphire blue and celadon paired with cerise, tropical tangerine and saturated golden-yellow. Dense patterns and layered geometric elements decorated with staggered stripes bring the abstract allover pattern to life using an understated veil of texture that softens the bold geometric patterns and vibrant color scheme.

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