Vintage Olga Fisch Ecuadorian Rug 70385

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Size: 6 ft 10 in x 10 ft 4 in (2.08 m x 3.15 m)

Stunning Vintage Ecuadorian Rug by Olga Fisch, Origin: Ecuador, Circa: Mid-Twentieth CenturyOlga Fisch was an inspired artist of the mid-twentieth century who created pieces that were reflective of the natural world around the city of Quito, Ecuador. She was born in Hungary but lived and worked in Quito for much of her life. This fascinating piece is part of her “Caverna” series that was inspired by the cave paintings in Lascaux cave in France.

As part of the artistic community, much of Fisch’s work focused on capturing the essence of ancient cultures, giving them a folk art character. Her pieces often used pre-Colombian motifs and influences. In this piece, we see a menagerie of primitive representations of cattle, deer, horses, ibex, and birds. In the center, a hunter brings in his quarry.

In this vintage rug, Fisch used earthy colors that are similar to those found on cave painting walls. The colors resemble ash, mud, red ochre, and yellow ochre. The background is the color of ancient limestone. The piece honors the close connection of early man to the natural world. The animals depicted were essential for man’s survival. The rusty reds may symbolize those that have already sacrificed for the sake of man.

The works of mid-century artists who used primitive motifs and represented elements of the natural world were popular in modern interiors. They could bring an organic nature to a world made of concrete, steel, and glass. Rugs with primitive themes and patterns helped to break up the clean, minimalist lines of mid-century décor.

There is no question that this is a gorgeous piece with a fascinating theme. Its primitive feel will bring the same folkloric appeal and reflection of the natural world to a contemporary space. It is a piece that has plenty of character. It is also an important piece from an iconic mid-century artist. This is an excellent piece for a collector of mid-century décor. It would also add an air of authenticity to a retro-inspired space, and it is a delightful piece for a primitive-inspired contemporary space.

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