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Soft Neutral Modern Decorative Tribal Turkish Oushak Design Runner Rug 11206

Size: 2 ft 11 in x 10 ft 4 in (0.89 m x 3.15 m)

Decorative Soft Neutral Modern Decorative Tribal Turkish Oushak Design Runner Rug, Country of origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – Turkish Oushak rugs have found a place in traditional decor styles for many centuries. Their primitive, tribal patterns add charm to room styles with classic furniture, making them the perfect foundation for your collection of favorite antiques and vintage finds. Many of the earlier rugs were in bold, brilliant colors that might be too much for modern tastes. This rug is a delightful piece that was inspired by these magnificent weaving traditions but in colors that are subtle and better suited to contemporary styles.

This rug uses the bold, abstract floral designs of traditional Oushak tribal rugs, but they look as if they have been softened over time. The artist gives the rug the spontaneous, organic feel that you find in the masterpieces of long ago but in a way that is perfectly suited to neutral rooms and softer colors. This rug is a beautiful way to add color to a minimalist space.

The rug keeps the feel of traditional Oushak rugs, making it a perfect way to add a tribal rug to your space without needing to stray from a softer color palette. This year, interior design is about adding pieces that speak to us and add a personal touch. Designers are adding rugs, accessories, and artwork that has a human touch. They now prefer pieces that are handwoven, unique art pieces instead of manufactured ones.

This rug will add a warm feel to your space. It is a perfect piece for adding accessories that make you want to enjoy your space with family and friends. A few textured pillows, plants, and a hand-knitted pouf will create a relaxing space for entertaining or enjoying a good book. You could use this runner rug in a hallway, but you do not have to limit yourself. It could be used to create a layered carpet look, to create a vignette along a wall, or to connect to areas of the space. Any way you use it, this rug will help you create an interior space that inspires you and wraps you in comfort.

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