Blue Tribal Antique Caucasian Shirvan Rug 71788


Size: 3 ft 6 in x 4 ft 3 in (1.07 m x 1.3 m)

Beautiful Antique Caucasian Shirvan Rug, Country Of Origin: Caucasian, Circa date: 1900 – The antique Caucasian rugs have a tribal feel that gives them a sense of charm and connection to the roots of the people who created them. This exquisite antique tribal Caucasian Shirvan rug dates to 1900 and is an unusually refined example. One of the most remarkable features of this antique village rug is that its rich colors have remained vivid and bright for over a century. This stands as a testament to the excellent material used to weave this rug as well as the care that the antique tribal rug has seen throughout its years.

The design of the predominantly blue color rug relies on only a handful of colors to create its high contrast design. A brilliant use of colors, with splashes of white, is used to create the designs which stand out and pop beautifully against a lovely blue background color. Happy jewel tones are used within the actual rug design patterns to provide a focal point that draws the eye to the symmetry of the placement of the designs.

The field of the highly artistic and sophisticated small antique tribal Caucasian Shirvan rug is only roughly symmetrical. This is because the actual tribal rug patterns that adorn the field are vey similar in look but are not exactly mirrored on the opposing sides and ends . One finds this throughout the design of the antique Shirvan rug, giving it a primitive folk art appeal. The tribal origins of the antique Caucasian rug are apparent in its simple renditions and hand designed quality in the way it was carried out. The bold colors of this tribal Caucasian Shirvan rug make it stand out and provide a formal feel, yet the execution of its design allow it to retain a connection to the centuries of tradition that it represents. This small size rug is a truly beautiful piece of Caucasian art.

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