Blue Gray Background Antique Tabriz Persian Rug 49244

Size: 10 ft x 14 ft 8 in (3.05 m x 4.47 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A Finely Woven And Beautifully Designed Antique Blue Gray Background Persian Tabriz Area Rug 49244, Rug Type and Origin: Persian Rug, Woven Circa Date: 1920 – While there are many beautiful examples of Persian rugs available, there are some of them that stand out for their exquisite design and color combinations that give them an almost sublime quality. This is such an example of one of those special pieces. It was created in Tabriz around the turn of the 20th century, and it shows the hallmarks of a talented and formally trained rug artist.

During the 1500’s, the Safavid rulers established formal carpet weaving schools to train artists in the production of rugs to be used exclusively by the court. This tradition of artistry continued in the weavers of Tabriz, and it still continues today. Throughout the centuries, Tabriz has been known for producing some of the finest rugs in the world that stand out as true treasures and are some of the most highly desirable as well.

This Tabriz carpet is an excellent example and is one of those antique rugs that stands out in the world of art. The design is inspired by the carpet weaving traditions of those who were to become the artists of carpets during the Golden Age of Persian Art. The carpet contains graceful sickle leaves, Shah Abbasi palmettes, and multiple layers of design to create a piece that has a dimensional quality.

This is a larger room size rug and requires a high knot count to produce such intricate designs. This piece may have taken several years to complete by a team of highly trained weavers under the direction of the master artist. It is an exquisite piece of work and is one of those rare pieces that one is fortunate to encounter in their lifetime.

This antique carpet was created to inspire a sense of awe and to highlight the scale of the room and its architecture. The use of a lighter color in the background of the border further highlights its feeling of expansiveness. This is a masterwork of an unknown artist whose work demonstrates a rare level of skill and artistry.

This magnificent piece would make the perfect addition to any collection, or perhaps, as an exclusive piece in a collection of fine furniture and other rare antiquities. Wherever this piece finds its home, it will continue to inspire awe in anyone who first sees it.

Antique Persian Tabriz rugs, as the name implies, hail from the beautiful city of Tabriz, which is the capital of the northwestern province of modern day Iran. They are among the most diverse varieties of rugs available, and they are defined by their fine details and strong use of patterning. Both are evident in this masterpiece, where the powerful use of contrasting shades of blue rug colors allows each individual form to stand out in its own unique way. The patterning at the heart of the Persian rug draws the eyes downward as the cascading motion of the diagonal lines creates both movement and grounding within the rug itself. The darker tones at the background of this magnificently rendered Persian vase deign rug, add a dreamy, almost soothing and calm night-like effect for the viewer.

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