Blue Antique Balkan Embroidery Textile 72402

Size: 6 ft x 8 ft 7 in (1.83 m x 2.62 m)
Origin: Balkan Rugs

This extraordinary antique embroidery from the Balkans has a lush profusion of leafy golden vinescrolls around a central wreath-like medallion.

Antique Balkan Embroidery Textile, Origin: Balkans, Circa: 19th Century – This antique Balkan embroidered textile features a stunning high contrast design of rich, velvety blue and elegant golden colors.The design of this magnificent antique textile is very elegant and features filigree and floral inspired designs of beautiful gold thread. The antique embroidery itself utilizes a limited color palette which adds to the elegance of the design. The designs center around a floral bird pattern central medallion, which draws the eye toward the center of this captivating antique Balkan embroidery textile.

The border features similar colors that are more inspired by filigree. There are two thinner border stripes that contain a wider border. The thinner borders contain smaller decorative elements, giving them a more delicate appearance that creates a nice level of contrast with the larger scale of the decorations in the wider border The combinations of these borders help to frame the central field of the antique Balkan embroidery textile. On either side of the central decorative medallion there are larger filigree decorations that help to draw the eye toward the center.

The high contrast color palette makes this textile an extremely eye catching piece. The choice of color helps to showcase the sophistication and elegance of this beautiful and rare Balkan embroidery.

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